Recreating  the Beginning

Do you know that your subconscious runs about 95% of your life? It is true!

From every beat of your heart to your memories and feelings, everything you’ve experienced is stored there. Our subconscious mind is also responsible to “stock” ours beliefs and lessons, and everything else that makes our life runs smoothly. Our subconscious is always trying to protect us and keep us safe.  But lots of times the beliefs stored there are not really created by us and our experiences, but rather an heritage from our parents and family.

When a belief does not work in your favor (what are you attracting in your life?), we call them limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those that constrain us in some way. Just by believing them, we do not think, do or say the things that they inhibit and in doing so we impoverish our lives. They are false beliefs that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life. For example a person could acquire a limiting belief about their ability to succeed as soon as they fail. Self-limiting beliefs can and do often pose as formidable obstacles to success and progress on the life path. Limiting beliefs originate from experiences and events, and we subconsciously internalize fear and insecurity surrounding them. These beliefs drive our behaviour and choices in a very subtle but very powerful manner. But the worse on all of it is that most of our limiting believes are created when we are still a baby and a child, and we don’t know how to manage such feelings and experiences. Also a lot of our limiting believes are not ours but our parent’s, which are transmitted to us by their behaviour, feelings and teachings.


The baby’s brain till 6 years old absorbs and learns by observing the world around them. The child till that age can not distinguish properly between what is real or not, so if you say to a child that he/she can not do something, they will grow up believing that it’s true and will probably never try to do it, even if they try they will probably fail on the first attempt, because the belief is sometimes so strong that they don’t want to “disappoint” it.

From conception to 6 years old the brain of a child will oscillate between 2 main brainwaves, the Delta and the Theta brainwave. Those waves are doors to our subconscious and because babies and children are on that state when they are very young, everything that they hear, experience and feels are “engraved” as truth in their subconscious mind and if those words, feelings and experiences are not very empowering an positives this will create limiting beliefs on the child subconscious.


So, your subconscious rules your life because you attract and you are what you believe, and 90% of your beliefs are on your subconscious.

But do not panic, now that we know the power of the subconscious mind we also figured out how to access what is "Hidden" in there and change these limiting beliefs for others that benefit us most.


One of my tools to access the subconscious mind is through the ThetaHealing® Technique. A meditation technique created by Vianna Stibal in 1995, Vianna used it during her own journey back to health, when conventional medical treatment had failed. It utilizes a spiritual connection. The meditation technique allows the practitioner and the client to access a Theta Brain wave. The theta brainwave allows your conscious mind to connect to your subconscious mind where your experiences, long-term memories, creativity, emotions, spiritual connection and inspiration are stored.


Using this same technique I created a recorded treatment/meditation that you can do without hours and hours of work. In the comfort of your home. Following all the steps in a short time you will be able to rebalance your BASE.

 What is this service?


It is as if you have scheduled an appointment with me to resolve some personal issues, let me explain...


The truth is that the vast majority of people have a lot of problems related to family matters and as long as you do not resolve issues of your past ... you will live with all the events of the past ... in your present.


Your financial life will never evolve ... the same things will always happen.


Your health, your relationships will never change, and you will always attract the same things from the past.




Until you solve your past life, until you organize your family base. Your Energy will always remain the same.


But you need to ALLOW CHANGE...

This is your great opportunity to have this High Frequency Recording for a very affordable price and much cheaper than Personal and Private Service.


You will do it in the comfort of your home and you will notice the changes happening in your life and the changes will come to you ... very fast.


As has happened to hundreds of people who have acquired and allowed to place order in their family system.


This is exactly the same treatment that we use in the Group of people using the Thetahealing® Technique.


We call it RECREATING THE BEGINNING because it was made to SOLVE ISSUES in your Family Base so that people could solve these issues and CREATE A NEW BEGINNING to their life.


The truth is that some of the energy of the people is being sucked, causing their vibrational frequency to be very low. For this reason, you may have many challenges in your life, whether in your Health Area, your Financial or Loving Area, your Work or your Spiritual life.


This is a Treatment/meditation that although recorded, is Very Powerful and can be applied to anyone.

It's extremely SIMPLE to do… and you can do it without hours and hours of work. In the comfort of your home. 


We will put order into your FAMILY System at the Key Points in your life from your gestation till childhood and Release resentments that you may keep from your Parents ... with simple and objective language to help you HEAL your Beginning using powerful techniques, energy healing, such as Thetahealing®, Family Constellation and others.


It's a Unique Opportunity to Change Some Outstanding Issues from the start of your life and Transmute to a New Life with a Much More Energy Balance.


You Will Learn to Look at Your Inner Child and Rescue a VERY POWERFUL Inner Force;

- You Will Release Father and Mother Resentment That May Be Stored in Your Memories;

- You will release a feeling of rejection that may have existed in your childhood;

- You will place order in your family system using family constellation principles;

- You will have an Energy Divorce between Parents and Children, organizing the Family Hierarchy;

- We Will Send Love to you You as a Baby in the womb, a Fetal Healing that normalize neuro substances and Brings Balance to the Body

- You Will Clear Limiting Beliefs Acquired Throughout Your Life; as below:

       - Do You Feel It Is Wrong to Have More Than Your Family?


       - Do You Blame Others for your unhappiness?


- And finally, we’re going to Download and Install a Lot of Good and empowering Feelings to you to Vibrate high in this New Living Standard.

All this amazing healing and empowering changes

for only £37 

So give yourself this precious gift now.


Isabel Mendes é uma life coach intuitiva, avançada ThetaHealer e Barras de Acces practioner que trabalha facilitando as pessoas em seu processo de mudança de vida. Auxiliando-as no aprendizado do auto amor, da auto-aceitação e a como se conectar com seu propósito divino, superando seus limites para viver uma vida mais plena e abundante.


Ela oferece sessões de coach, sessão de ThetaHealing®, Barras de Acces® e práticas de Meditação, para fortalecer a vida das pessoas.


Isabel tem uma natural e forte intuição e oferece uma profunda experiência holística aos seus clientes. Ela tem 3 filhos e trabalhou como Relações Públicas e Fotógrafa por muitos anos antes de se tornar coach e compreende a pressão do mundo do trabalho, e o estresse da vida diária.


Isabel trabalha com mulheres decididas a mudar de vida, a se libertar de padrões de baixa autoestima, estresse, falta de clareza, falta de propósito, insatisfação e sentimento de incompletude. Ela as guia no processo de descoberta de quem realmente são e o que realmente querem, gerando clareza, determinando prioridades e se reconectando consigo mesmas e com seus sonhos.

Natural de Juiz de Fora ela vive atualmente em Londres depois de ter passado 10 anos em Paris e 5 anos em Dubai.

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"Last month I had a couple of what were the beginning of life changing sessions with Isabel. I am now in greater peace with myself and others, which had given me the energy and excitement to explore new things. Thank you Isabel for enabling this."


Mia Hasenson-Gross